How To Verify Your WordPress Site On Pinterest (And Boost Traffic!)




Love browsing through endless pins but never took the time to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest?




Well, you’re definitely not alone.




While the Pinterest app is wildly popular for gathering inspo on everything from design to beauty, I never really considered it a way to drive traffic to my blog.




Until recently, that is. I’ve just started exploring the booming world of Pinterest marketing.




And guess what?




It works. Like crazy.




Within just three days of verifying my WordPress blog on Pinterest, my site’s traffic jumped by almost 40%! I was totally floored (and kicking myself for ignoring Pinterest all this time).




And my blog is not even in a super Pinterest-friendly niche like beauty, health, or fashion.




If Pinterest can boost a blogging tips, marketing, and business blog like mine, just imagine what it can do for sites in more popular niches.




But don’t just go off my experience.




Check out these stats:


*There are over 200 million usersactively browsing Pinterest monthly.




*87% of active Pinners have purchased something specifically because of Pinterest.




*Nearly 81% of active Pinners are female (which is awesome news for you, if you run a female-focused business/blog like me!)




*93% of Pinners use the app to plan a purchase.




Now, I’ll admit that Pinterest marketing isn’t as popular as, say, Instagram marketing. But people are definitely catching on. Even huge name marketers like Neil Patel have been stunned by the results.




Neil actually grew traffic to his website by 67% from Pinterest alone!




Not bad, right?




So if you’re ready to get more traffic to your blog with Pinterest, how do you start?




You start by understanding that Pinterest is not like Instagram, Facebook, or really, any other social media platform.




How Pinterest is Different




Pinterest is often described as the world’s most visual social network.




While platforms like Instagram also allow you to browse images, Pinterest’s advantage is that it’s primarily a search engine.




People mainly use it to find ideas, inspiration, answers to their “how-to” questions. But they do also use it to find products and services.




Because of this, you can easily craft a Pinterest strategy that brings tons of new visitors to your blog or site.




Now that I’ve totally converted you to Team We Heart Pinterest (seriously guys — it’s that good), I’m going to show you how to really make it work for your business:




It’s time to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest.




Benefits of Verifying Your WordPress Site on Pinterest  




OK, so Pinterest can help you grow your blog or site’s traffic. But you’re probably wondering why you should verify your website on the platform.




After all, it’s one more tedious step to add to your already overflowing marketing schedule. So why can’t you sign up for a normal account and just start pinning away?




While it’s true that you can get followers and traffic without claiming your site, your results won’t be anywhere near as good.




Claiming your site on Pinterest makes the process of getting new visitors to your site easier and WAY more effective.




Benefit # 1: Once you’ve claimed your site, Pinterest will give you access to super-valuable website analytics. 


How this helps you: You’ll be able to see what people are saving from your website and can then create more of that content to drive clicks and engagement. 


Benefit # 2: You can be recommended by Pinterest as an account to follow. If you’ve claimed your website and are a regular Pinner, Pinterest may show you to other Pinners as an account to follow.




How this helps you: This is a huge opportunity to funnel more visits to your website through your Pinterest account


And the best part is, all of those visitors are actively looking for the type of content you create.






Benefit # 3: You’ll have better branding and visibility. With a claimed site, any pins from your site will also display your profile picture/brand logo next to them. Over time, you’ll be able to build strong brand recognition on the platform.


How this helps you: While people like doing business with other people rather than impersonal companies, branding still really matters.


Potential customers of your business will love knowing they’re in the hands of a polished, put-together pro.






With benefits like these, claiming your website is pretty much a no-brainer. Plus, if your website/blog is on self-hosted WordPress, it’s ridiculously simple to do.




Check out this easy method below to verify your website on Pinterest:




Step One: Get a Pinterest Business Account




Before you can verify your WordPress site on Pinterest, you’ll need to make sure you have a business account rather than a personal one. Business accounts are free and easy to create.




If you’d like to create a brand new business account: 




  1. Log out of any existing personal Pinterest profiles.




  1. Head to Pinterest for businessand select “Get a business account”.




  1. Fill out the required details.




  1. Read and accept the Pinterest Business Terms of Service (these differ from the the ToS for personal profiles).




If you’d prefer to upgrade your existing personal profile to a business account:


1. Log in to your Pinterest account and click on the three dots at the top-right corner of your screen. This will display an “Upgrade Now” button.




Verify your WordPress site on Pinterest


2. Clicking on the “Upgrade Now” button will bring you to the business account set up page. Here you’ll be prompted to input the name of your business and your website/blog’s URL.




You’ll be asked to select your business type from a drop-down list. (Note: Because I run a blog, I would select “Professional: ex: blogger, photographer, designer” but there are options for every possible type of business.)




How to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest




3. Now, just hit “Continue”. That’s all! You’ve now upgraded your personal Pinterest account to a business account.




How to Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest:


While there are several ways to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest, I’m sharing with you the easiest and most efficient method. It’s so simple that you’ll be done and pinning on your new account in a couple of clicks!


1. Now that you’ve got your business account, head back to the top-right corner of your screen. Here, click on the three dot menu and select “Settings”.




verify your WordPress site on Pinterest tips


2. You’ll be taken to a page with a left-hand menu. Here, select “Claim” and type in your website’s URL.




How to verify your WordPress blog on Pinterest 3. Hit the “Claim” button next to the “Claim your website” section. You’ll now see two options for claiming your website.




Select the “Add HTML tag” option. I’ve found this to be the easiest option but you can also choose “Upload HTML file”, if you prefer.




However, you’ll need to use an FTP client for that option, so it’s not as tech beginner-friendly as the method I’m showing you now.





4.  You’ll notice that under “Add HTML tag”, you’re instructed to “Paste this tag into the <head> section of your site’s index.html file”. This is followed by a meta tag. Copy this meta tag and click the “Next” button.







Now it’s time to add the HTML tag to your WordPress website:




The Yoast SEO Method  




I’m a big fan of this method as it’s by far the easiest way to add an HTML tag to your WordPress site’s header.




But you’ll need to have the free Yoast SEO plugin running on your WordPress site to use it.




This free plugin makes it super-easy to verify your your site on Pinterest, but it’s also the best SEO plugin available in my opinion.




If you don’t have the Yoast SEO plugin installed yet, simply:  




  • Head to your site’s dashboard from your WordPress admin area.




  • Select “plugins” and type in “Yoast SEO”.




  • This will bring up the plugin. Select it and click “Install”.




  • Wait for confirmation that the plugin was successfully installed and activate it.






Now that you’ve got the Yoast SEO plugin running, you can continue with adding your HTML tag:




1.Click on Yoast SEO and select the “Social” option from the drop-down menu.




Verify your WordPress site on Pinterest quickly




2.  Click the Facebook tab.




3.  Below Facebook settings, you’ll see a line prompting you to “Add open graph meta data”. Here, make sure that “Enabled” is selected.




Verify your WordPress blog on Pinterest




4. Now, click on the Pinterest tab. You’ll then be prompted to confirm your site with Pinterest by adding the meta tag.




In the field marked “Pinterest confirmation”, paste the HTML meta tag you copied earlier.




Tips to help you verify your WordPress site on Pinterest




5.  Finally, click the button labeled “Save changes” and click next. In the “Submit for review” pop-up, click “Submit”.




Pinterest will now automatically check your meta tag and verify your site for you.




You’ll know your site has been verified when Pinterest sends you a success email. You can also check the “Claim website” section on your Pinterest account for confirmation of acceptance.




In your account settings, you’ll see that your website’s URL is listed with a green and white check mark symbol beside it, like this:




How to claim your WordPress website on Pinterest




Congratulations, this means you’ve successfully claimed your WordPress site on Pinterest!




You’ve gotten through the technical part and can now make use of a whole host of benefits to grow your account and site traffic.




In upcoming posts, I’ll go into how to create irresistible pins, grow your followers, and funnel Pinterest traffic to your blog or website.




Have any questions about how to verify your WordPress website on Pinterest?




Let me know in the comments below!